The Three Dimensions

Engage 3D is a new Chattanooga-based non-profit organization working with partners around town to build on the community’s interest in 3D printing, the gig, and other innovative technologies.  We hope to soon have a space where students, teachers, artists, and others can come interact with these technologies.  We see this space as a playground for technology-driven creation.  For now, we’re piloting our ideas on the 4th Floor of the Downtown Public Library   Come and create with us!


Computational thinking is problem solving.  Decomposition, pattern recognition, and other computational thinking skills are increasingly critical to success in the classroom, in college, and in careers.  Because all students can and should master these important skills, engage 3D offers a wide range of programs and workshops designed to expose students to computational thought.  Project-based programs in 3D printing, CAD, robotics, software development, and other topics immerse students in computational thinking in fun, accessible ways.

Chattanooga is a multi-dimensional city.  engage 3D’s hometown is bustling with engineers, artists, small business thinkers, and big business leaders. Special events and ongoing programs at engage 3D bring these disparate groups together to connect and create through speaker series, Gig-centered application development, and unique art and technology partnerships.
CO.LAB Hackingaccess
Access is ensuring that everyone has the tools, technology, and resources needed to bring their ideas to life.  Soon, engage 3D’s facilities and resources will be available to schools, community groups, and the general public through membership dues, fees, and – where applicable – scholarships.  For now, come and create with us on the 4th Floor.  Current hours for our special events are posted on the calendar.