Clear braces (brand Invisalign or Aligner).

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Technology is the latest braces As only the copyright of America. The technology of three-dimensional visualization on computer screen (3D Computerized Digital Imaging) to help design to create a series of orthodontic tools specific for each one. The first information of occlusion is recorded onto your form, then send the form to the lab for specific states. After get the mold. The occlusion of will be changed into digital information, and through the production process complex and meticulous out a series of orthodontic braces only for you. For use. You have to wear this tool at least 20 hours as dentists recommend. And change every new tool 2 week. The tool will slowly move your teeth to gradually to the proper position.


Clear color. Specially designed by focusing on the transparency not easily noticed, and can.

Off whenever I want. Whether during the meal, or cleaning.

The oral cavity and also provide comfortable feeling to those who need braces over the hand.

A general and can help to avoid the problem of tooth decay due to no.

Tools or wire inconvenience in keeping a clean teeth and eating.

Without having to worry that the tool will fall off. Or food on the tooth and hard to clean.


This type of braces to get cooperation from the patient. To put the tools according to the time limit. To achieve the correct treatment plan of moving teeth from the computer.

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